Sunday, November 2, 2014

If something is worth fighting over it is usually worth having…take your relationship with Christ, it should be worth fighting for…every relationship that prospers must have quality time spent nurturing and developing in order to grow…a once a week dousing of spiritual water will not last a lifetime and beyond…a relationship comes from being able to relate to the person you are in a relationship with…how can you relate to Christ if you never spend time alone (this means outside the four walls of your local church) with HIM…a good relationship is one where two people are on the same page so to speak…with each knowing the other very intimately…you know, those little things on the inside that are not outwardly visible, but shape who you are…you know, those things about you that you keep hidden except for those who you have a relationship with…if you know more about those you are around on a daily basis more than you know God, then your relationship is off balance…regroup and make HIM the focus of your life and all else will dim in HIS presence…if need be separate yourself from who or whatever is keeping you from being in an intimate relationship with Christ…Christ has already fought and won the battle, now it’s up to each individual to decide how important God is to them…don’t let life and the troubles of this world consume you…allow your relationship with God to bring you to a place of contentment in HIM..He already knows all about you and those little quirks you have…your likes, dislikes, what makes you happy, sad, angry etc…your thoughts, feelings and desires…but, the big question is, how well do you know the God of your salvation, redemption, deliverance…do you know HIS smell, the sound of HIS voice, the beat of HIS heart? HIS will for your life? Or is the relationship one sided with it being God that knows all about you and yet you know almost nothing beyond your salvation experience about HIM… I would encourage you today, to put forth an effort to bring balance back into your relationship with Christ…in doing so, you will see and come to know some pretty amazing things about the God you serve…
In His Service,