Thursday, February 28, 2013

Building Yourself Up.....

Jude 1:20 " But you, beloved, build yourselves up founded on your most holy faith make progress, rise like an edifice higher and higher, praying in the Holy Spirit." Amplified Bible

I love this scripture for the truth that it holds for each of us as Gods' beloved children. First this verse states that we are beloved, which means we are beloved of God. No matter what happens in life we know we are Gods' beloved children. Next we are to build ourselves up on our most holy faith. In other words stop leaving it to Gods' ministers on Sundays to build you up. You should be doing this yourself based on your faith in God and your personal relationship with HIM. Not only should Gods' children be building themselves up in their faith in HIM, but they should also be making progress! Moving forward in HIM! Not sitting still, not waiting on the pastor, prophet, apostle, teacher or evangelist to build them up and move them forward. To progress means to move forward not sit still or regress. Yet many do just that as they are too lazy to read the word or study to show themselves approved. They want to blame their lack of faith on those who stand Sunday after Sunday in the pulpit spoon feeding them the word of God because of laziness on their part. It is time for the church to stop procrastinating and leaving their relationship with God on the pews when they leave the church building on Sundays and only picking it back up the next week. It is not the pastors job to stir you up! It is your place and responsibility to do so. 1st Timothy 6-7 " That is why I would remind you to stir up, rekindle the embers of, fan the flame of, and keep burning the gracious gift of God, the inner fire that is in you by means of the laying on of my hands with those of the elders at your ordination. (7) For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, of cowardice, or craven and cringing and fawning fear, but He has given us a spirit of power and love and of calm and well balanced mind and discipline and self control." Timothy was being told to stir up the gift inside of him. To make sure that he was the one doing the stirring up of said gifts. All you have need of to walk up rightly with God is on the inside of you. All you have need of to walk in love, power and authority is on the inside of you! Placed there at the time of salvation! NOW is the time to get up, dust yourself off and stir the gifts and callings in your life and then move forward with them! STOP waiting on someone else to stir your spiritual llife to life! Get up, get up and move forward now with the authority and gifts and callings that GOD and not man has given you and progressively move towards the high calling! STOP being lazy! MOVE IT!!!

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